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Silicon Steel Transformer Core: Life Saver Of Your Electronic Machinery

Silicon Steel Transformer Core: Life Saver Of Your Electronic Machinery


Transformers, a formal name for power supply converter, is an electronic device that is used to manage the voltage and current of the electric systems without implementing any change in frequencies. Comprising a central core, primary, and secondary coil, the transformer conducts alternating current, increases or decreases its voltage, and supplies it to the secondary coil, where it reaches its destination system.


A transformer works on the simple principle of electromagnetic induction produced by the silicon steel transformer coreWhen the current enters the transformer from the primary coil, the core produces a magnetic field that directs the current flow path between the primary and secondary coils. This forces the electrons within the coil to move, producing energy with the help of electromotive force (EMF).

But the real question is how this activity occurs, and what controls this exciting functionality of the transformer? Well, the answer is simple, the silicon steel transformer core makes the transformer strong enough to manage the high voltages and reduce them for our machines.


Still having doubts? Give this article a thorough read till the end as we will be discussing the basic concept of silicon steel transformers cores along with some mind-blowing facts.


Silicon Steel Transformer Core: An Overview

A transformer core is a set of multiple laminated sheets arranged together to form the shape of a box and a doughnut in the case of a toroidal transformer.

These laminated sheets are made of silicon steel material, up to 4.5 %, as they are considered strong enough to tolerate the magnetic flux produced in the transformer.

The Silicon steel transformer core is the main component of a transformer and is responsible for its functionality and efficiency. It holds a variety of properties which are listed below:


1. High resistivity

2. High permeability

3. Magnetostriction

4. Excellent conductivity

5. Light weightiness

6. Small size

7. Save energy


Due to the use of silicon steel alloy in core formation, it becomes highly magnetic, resulting in higher efficiency in industrial plants, electronic devices, and machinery.

A transform core increases the voltage for sizable industrial machinery that requires a higher and continuous energy supply for a more extended period.

Similarly, it decreases the voltage for small devices like doorbells, mobile chargers, and FM radios.

How Does A Silicon Steel Transformer Core Manage The Risks Of Potential Losses?

We all know that the transformer manages the incoming voltage supply according to the required outgoing voltage levels, but the real question is how all this process takes place. How does the Silicon steel core reduce the risk of potential losses in this process?

So, the transformer core focuses on reducing the two significant energy losses; eddy current and hysteresis. So, let's deal with them one by one.


1. Managing the Eddy Current Losses:


Eddy current refers to the circulating current produced due to flux passing through the magnetic field produced by the transformer's core.

And to overcome this potential energy loss, 4 % to 5% of silica is added to the primary alloy, resulting in a decrease in steel's conducting power. However, adding an increased quantity of silica can reverse the process instead of managing the eddy current.  

As a solution, an additional steel laminated sheet is added to reduce the risk of high eddy current loss.

2. Managing the Hysteresis Losses:

Hysteresis losses occur due to the magnetization saturation in the transformers' core. It is also a cause behind the heating of the transformers while working.

The energy loss ratio due to Hysteresis loss is directly proportional to the surface area of the hysteresis loop. The greater the area, the more energy loss happens.  

In order to overcome this potential energy loss, choosing a material with less Hysteresis surface is the ultimate option. The surface coefficient of silicon steel alloy is around 0.6, which is already less.

Therefore, silicon steel alloy already increases resistivity and permeability and is effective against hysteresis loss.  


Role Of Silicon Steel Transformer Core

Undoubtedly, highly magnetic and strong permeable silicon steel alloy is enough to make it a priority for transformers cores. However, there is a lot more than this! So, let's look at some advantages of choosing silicon steel alloy for transformer cores.


● Silicon and steel together make a perfect combination of ideal features like high electric conductivity and permeability as well as magnetostriction that makes them faultless choices.


● As the resistivity, particularly in the iron, was low, it highly increased with the addition of silicon in it, making it a potent combination for managing the magnetic force.


● They are a good solution for large-sized transformers. As they shorten the size of transformers, they can be used in small electronic devices like mobile chargers, laptop chargers, electronic toys, doorbells, toasters, microwaves, and so on.


● The silicon steel alloy produces less heat as compared with other compatible materials. In this way, it contributes to an eco-friendly environment.


● Silicon steel transformer cores effectively against the potential Eddys and Hysteresis energy losses. To reduce energy loss, you don't have to look for materials with reduced loop surfaces.


● Both main materials, silicon, and steel, are less expensive than materials with similar characteristics.


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After discussing the potential of silicon steel transformer cores, we hope you've already understood the basic information and its role in the transformer industry.

Subsequently, believing in providing trouble-free services, Transmart has a team of highly experienced and expert engineers and industry experts who understand the market's needs and customers.


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