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Understand the knowledge of ferrite bead

Understand the knowledge of ferrite bead


Ferrite is a metal oxide with ferromagnetism. In terms of electrical characteristics, ferrite has higher dielectric properties, and its resistivity is much larger than that of metal and alloy magnetic materials. The magnetic properties of ferrite also show high permeability at high frequencies. Therefore, ferrite has become a non-metallic magnetic material widely used in the field of high frequency and weak current.

ferrite magnetic ring

The ferrite magnetic ring mentioned here is a commonly used anti-interference component in electronic circuits, which has a good suppression effect on high-frequency noise, and is generally made of ferrite material. According to its coercive force (the intensity of the external magnetic field opposite to the original magnetization direction that must be added to make the magnetized ferromagnetic material lose its magnetization) and its use, ferrite magnetic rings can be divided into soft magnetic, hard magnetic, gyromagnetic, and moment magnetic , Five types of piezomagnetism.

The main advantage of soft ferrite magnetic ring is that the resistivity is much greater than that of metal magnetic material, which suppresses the generation of eddy current, so that ferrite can be used in high frequency field; it is easy to make various shapes and sizes by ceramic process; chemical characteristics Stable, no rust; lower manufacturing cost. The main disadvantages of soft ferrite are low saturation magnetic flux density, brittle texture and fragile.

Ferrite magnetic ring products made of ferrite are generally used in the manufacture of various inductors, transformers, filters and chokes, and are widely used in modern electronic information fields, such as computers and their peripheral equipment, office automation equipment , Digital communication and analog communication equipment, Internet, household appliances, electromagnetic compatibility equipment, green lighting devices, industrial automation and automotive, aviation, aerospace and military fields.

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