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Advantages of distribution transmission line fault indicator

Advantages of distribution transmission line fault indicator


The utility model relates to a detection device used to indicate short-circuit fault and grounding fault of distribution line in distribution system and can indicate fault phase. It can be divided into cable and overhead type according to its purpose. The main function of fault indicator in distribution automation is to monitor the operation status of distribution network in real time, and then to realize rapid fault location and isolation in case of power grid fault, so as to shorten the fault processing time

So as to shorten the outage time and improve the stability of power supply. With the development of distribution automation, fault indicators have been widely used.

The line fault indicator can be directly installed on the line with voltage level of 6kV to 35kV. The line grounding and short-circuit faults can be checked by means of on-site card turnover and flashing indication, which can provide technical support for line managers to find faults.

At present, the battery is usually charged by solar cells, so it is worried that the power is insufficient in cloudy and rainy days. At the same time, large solar panels swing when the wind is strong, and the pit wind capacity is poor.

The ideal way is to charge the battery directly through the induction of current transformer (it provides working power supply for electronic devices such as data collectors, communication power supply for wireless remote communication equipment, driving power supply for electric mechanisms, and can charge backup batteries and energy storage capacitors. Due to its small size and convenient installation, current transformer induction power supply has become the main power supply mode in fault indicator system. At present, there are some difficulties in implementation Because the current changes too much, the excess energy is not easy to release when the current is large. What is needed is a CT power taking circuit with wide range input to realize micro power consumption and high voltage power taking. Power industry standard DL / tl1157-201 technical conditions for distribution line fault indicator. Requirements: the operating current of the whole machine under the standby state of the line fault indicator shall not be greater than 20ua). The power supply design combining line induction power supply and battery backup is adopted to solve the problem of short service life of fault indicator in the market due to power supply only by battery.

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