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Application fields of ultramicrocrystalline iron core

Application fields of ultramicrocrystalline iron core


Application fields of ultramicrocrystalline iron core: it can replace silicon steel, permalloy and ferrite as main transformer, control transformer, precision current, voltage transformer, iron core filter inductor, peak suppressor, energy storage inductor, reactor, magnetic amplifier core, EMC filter, common mode inductor and differential mode inductor core ISDN, micro isolation transformer core, switching power supply Magnetic amplifier core, leakage protection switch core.

The main products of our company include: amorphous and ultramicrocrystalline strip and its iron core, precision current and voltage transformer iron core, high and low voltage transformer iron core, special zero sequence current transformer for leakage protector, common mode, differential mode, PFC, constant inductance iron core, medium and high frequency transformer iron core and other redundant products.

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