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Application scope and characteristics of strip

Application scope and characteristics of strip


The amorphous nanocrystalline ribbons and electronic components based on nanocrystalline materials developed by the company have high saturation magnetic induction, high permeability, low loss, low coercive force, low magnetic elongation, high temperature stability, and excellent frequency. Features, adjustability of magnetic properties and other advantages, saving energy consumption, is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials, the main products are common mode inductors, filter inductors, PFC inductors, current transformers and other electronic components, which are now widely used in high frequency Switching power supplies, household appliances, industrial electrical equipment, communication power supplies, photovoltaic energy systems, wind power generation and other products.

Transmart adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity first, quality first, and dedicated service" to provide users with first-class products and first-class services.

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