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Hi-End Transformers

PCB mount transformers integrate transformer technology tailored for direct soldering onto printed circuit boards to satisfy these purposes with reliability, repeatability while saving space compared to wired or standalone modules.

We explore transformer working principles, integrate high-end transformer into your high-end audio devices or standalone linear power supply to personally experience unparalleled music. Experience the authentic, ultimate sound that can not only be heard but also felt, with its purity and dynamics resonating throughout.


Revolutionary potting toroidal transformer is meticulously designed for high-end audio. Until now, perfectly integrating electrostatic, electromagnetic, and magnetic shielding within a potting toroidal transformer’s design was seemed inconceivable.Thanks to its advanced triple shielding technology, it can effectively eliminate any interference that might affect sound quality. Electrostatic shielding prevents high-frequency noise, electromagnetic shielding blocks environmental EMI.Magnetic shielding further isolates the transformer, reducing its magnetic leakage by 80% and preventing any disturbance that could affect delicate audio signals, eliminating noise or hum in high-end devices. Crafted for perfection, it features a high-permeability, low-core-loss quality toroidal core, premium oxygen-free copper coils, an epoxy potting and pin design. This trio ensures power stability, working efficiency, and exceptional voltage regulation capabilities, offering the ultimate audio fidelity experience-pure, dynamic, and superior.


Transforming the rectangular cross-section of a toroidal transformer into a circular section signifies a reduction in winding perimeter and internal resistance by at least 12% to 25%, under the same power conditions. This not only results in lower EMI and noise levels but also significantly enhances efficiency and voltage regulation capabilities, ensuring stable voltage output even under the most demanding conditions. This ensures your audio remains consistently dynamic, clear, and warm, regardless of volume or the complexity of the music. 


Of course, this also implies that the production of the O-shaped transformer's core is more complex and costs are higher. However, for an audiophile who makes no compromises on sound quality, the O-shaped transformer will elevate your audio system and redefine your listening experience.


It's for the connoisseurs who understand that true high-end audio requires components that push the boundaries of technology and design.This is not just an upgrade; it is a transformation to high-end sound at any cost. 

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