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Baosteel CRGO Price Will Increased in November 2019

Baosteel CRGO Price Will Increased in November 2019


Baosteel CRGO Price Will Increased in November 2019

Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Baosteel Co., Ltd.), is the leader and biggest production base of high quality iron and steel products in China. With its comprehensive advantages in talents, management, good reputation, the highest level of modernization and an Innovative approach to the manufacture of premium iron and steel, Baosteel Co., Ltd. has  keeps a top position in the domestic industry and among the leading global iron and steel enterprises.


On 10 October 2019, Marketing Center of Baosteel announced the price adjustment as following (price is not included the tax unless otherwise specified):


i. Oriented Electrical Steel (Grain-oriented Silicon Steel): Baoshan B23R, Qingshan 23RK genuine full series raised RMB 200 (around USD 29) per ton, the other series unchanged.

ii. Non-oriented electrical steel (Non-oriented Silicon Steel): The basic price of Baoshan, Qingshan, Dongshan remains unchanged.


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