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Best Nanocrystalline Cores for Current Transformer

Best Nanocrystalline Cores for Current Transformer


Nanocrystalline Cores  

Due to its solid electrical capabilities, the nanocrystalline core is becoming an increasingly desirable material in the electronic and electrical sectors. Our features Items made from nanocrystalline core material include nanocrystalline current transformer cores and nanocrystalline standard mode choke cores. Find further data about transformer core manufacturers. 


Transmart Industrial is adamant that only high-quality components and cutting-edge technology be used when it comes to producing soft magnetic materials. In addition, we conduct stringent quality and cost monitoring and control throughout each stage of the manufacturing process. All of this ensures that the product will have a reasonable price and good quality. A comprehensive and experienced customer support staff is available to the Transmart provider to supply superior assistance to patrons and work toward achieving mutual gain with them.


Material used:


Transformer cores that are often used are typically fabricated from silicon steel sheets. Silicon steel contains silicon (another name for silicon is silicon), and the silicon concentration of silicon steel ranges from 0.8 to 4.8%. The iron core of a transformer is often made of silicon steel since silicon steel is a magnetic material with high magnetic conductivity. This is the reason why silicon steel is chosen. When the coil is activated, it has the potential to generate a high magnetic induction intensity, which may result in a smaller transformer volume.

  Transmart Mumetal Cores

Standard mode inductor


The standard mode inductor that uses nanocrystalline core material may effectively suppress the peak voltage. This helps to safeguard sensitive components and lowers the voltage on the motor shaft. Because of its one-of-a-kind properties, the nanocrystalline core has widespread use in various sectors that deal with high-power systems. 


The electric energy meter, power meter, ammeter, electric measuring equipment, and other instrument areas are all included in this category. A variety of power current transformers is found in the system for monitoring power transmission and distribution. Protection against leakage, protection of relays and servo motors, protection against fire, and so on, a sample of data including current and voltage, etc.


Mumetal cores series 


The mumetal cores series is only one of the many products offered by Transmart Industrial, but it has garnered a comparatively high level of notoriety in the industry. Customers have a variety of options to choose from, thanks to Transmart Industrial. 


You may purchase the mu-metal cores in a wide variety of forms and styles, all of which are of high quality and can be had at affordable prices. Through rigorous management, Transmart Industrial can significantly enhance the quality of its after-sales service. This guarantees that every consumer can exercise their right to be serviced.




An amorphous alloy core's working magnetic flux density based on iron should be between 1.35 and 1.40 Tesla and between 1.6 and 1.7 Tesla for silicon steel. Comparatively speaking, the weight of a silicon steel power frequency transformer is about 130 percent less than that of an iron-based amorphous alloy power frequency transformer. 


However, the loss of iron-based amorphous alloy for power frequency transformers with the same capacity is between 70 and 80 percent lower than that of silicon steel. This is true even if the weight of the transformer is high. The full price assessment comes to 89% when accounting for the deficit. Compared to silicon steel, the capacity of an amorphous alloy based on iron to withstand distortion of power waveforms is much higher.


Compared with ferrite, nanocrystalline alloys have some unique advantages:


(1) High initial magnetic permeability:


As a result, the nanocrystalline alloy standard mode inductor exhibits a high insertion loss and impedance while operating in an environment with a weak magnetic field. It has a tremendous suppressing effect on interference that is relatively modest.


1. Features:

· High Saturate magnetic induction BS

· High initial permeability, High linearity, High Accuracy, Low phase and amplitude error for CT

· Good temperature stability-55℃~130℃

· Applying for transformer class grade: 0.5-0.05 Class

2. Applications

· High precision current and voltage transformer

· Current leakage circuit breakers

· Electronic Watt hour meter

· Precision power meter

· Current control in automation industry 




Nanocrystalline cores are a great solution for common mode choke applications because they have high permeability, low power loss, and will not saturate. Transmart Industrial Limited is a professional manufacturer of high quality transformer cores and chokes. We supply material such as soft-magnetic materials, soft magnetic cores and electrical and electronic components. Please contact Transmart transformer core manufacturers.




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