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Detailed introduction of permalloy product specifications

Detailed introduction of permalloy product specifications


Detailed introduction of permalloy product specifications

Permalloy belt is a high permeability and high permeability alloy material, which is characterized by 45% - 81% medium nickel, high nickel soft magnetic alloy: BS = 0.7-1.6t, permeability from 50000 to 500000. Ordinary loop - high initial permeability, rectangular loop - high residual magnetic induction strength, flat loop - low residual magnetic induction strength can be obtained by different manufacturing processes and heat treatment systems. High inductance, high permeability and low loss to reduce the weight and volume of magnetic components. It is mainly used for metal screen knocking body.

1、 Processing scheme

1. Forming

The usual processing method can be adopted, and the processing data can be obtained from the mechanical property table. The magnetic state after final annealing is the unique final state of component processing. It is not suitable as the initial state of any processing, otherwise the electromagnetic performance will be greatly reduced. Cold rolled condition is most suitable for stamping.

2. Machining

Cold working state is most suitable for machining. The machinability of this material is similar to that of stainless steel and requires low cutting rate, cooling cutting fluid, carbon steel or high-speed steel tools. After machining, the residual oil, lubricant or other stains must be completely removed as far as possible before annealing. The oil containing sulfur content is harmful.

3. Welding

In principle, many welding processes are suitable, but spot welding is best.

4. Corrosion resistance

It has good corrosion resistance in humid air, but it is not suitable for corrosive media.

2、 Product specification

1. Plate and sheet (width less than 2m)

Supply status: hot rolled or cold rolled, annealed, pickled / bright treated

2. Circular plate and ring

Supply status: hot rolled or rolled, annealed, pickled or machined

3. Wire or wire, 0.001 mm ultra-fine microfilament

Supply status: bright wire drawing, 1 / 4H hardening to full hardening, bright annealing.

Specification: 0.01 ~ 15mm, reel, barrel, unified shaft or web reel winding and packaging.

4. Bar

Supply status: forged, hot rolled, cold drawn, annealed, pickled, machined or polished.

5. Forgings

Supply status: acid parts with irregular shape shall be provided as required.

6. Strip (width within 650 mm, commonly used 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm)

Supply status: 0.01mm - 5.0mm, cold rolled, annealed, pickled or bright annealed.

7. Flat wire, flat belt

Supply status: rectangular 1 / 4H hardened to fully hardened special-shaped wire with approximate elliptical cross section, thickness 0.02mm-5mm, generally small width, width thickness ratio from 1:1 to 50:1, and accuracy higher than 3 microns.

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