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Good split cores save you millions of dollars

Good split cores save you millions of dollars


Smart grid applications encompass many technologies and represent a leading growth area within the Power Utilities and renewable energy industry. Safety and reliability is the key, because any mistake will cause serious damage, costs millions of dollars, even more. At TRANSMART CORE, we support smart grid deployments with high quality Split Cores and winding components.

These are inductively powered coupling devices that enable the collection and transfer of energy under low line current conditions. The split core current transformers are more and more popular because they are easy to assemble without cutting off the electricity. Our specialization in tape wound cores allows us to offer the most energy efficient and cost effective solution for induction-based energy harvesting. Our expertise in engineering and manufacturing cores gives us the ability to maximize designs and utilize the optimal combination of features, materials, and manufacturing processes.

toroidal core

One of the advantages of working with Transmart Industrial Limited is our one stop solutions service. We manufacture Nanocrystalline alloys in-house. We manufacture different type of split cores in various materials such as Silicon steels, Amorphous metal, Nanocrystalline and Mu-metal. We also offer value-added winding service to our customers’ needs.  You can get almost everything from us, satisfying your needs of low cost products and very high quality products.

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