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High power high frequency switching power supply transformer

High power high frequency switching power supply transformer


High frequency switching power transformer

High frequency switching power transformer, the transformer core having a required frequency low loss, high saturation flux density Bs and the low residual flux density Br to obtain
We have a large working flux density △ B; therefore using a transverse magnetic nanocrystalline alloy heat treatment process, and the obtained low remanence characteristic constant permeable core.
 High frequency switching power transformer


· Inverter welding power source
· X optical power, laser power supply, communications equipment power supply
· UPS uninterruptible power supply and the high frequency induction heating power supply
· Electrolytic plating power
· Frequency Power

· Plasma Cutting Machine

High frequency switching power transformer


High saturation magnetic flux density - effectively reduce the volume of the device, reduce the quality of the device
High permeability low coercivity - improved efficiency of the transformer, reducing the exciting power
Low remanence (Br≤0.2T) - magnetic induction greater increment, greater transmission power
· Low-loss - reduce the temperature rise of the transformer, the transformer improve efficiency

· Excellent temperature stability - long-term work at temperatures up to -45 ℃ ~ 130 ℃

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