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Nanocrystalline Cores For Common Mode Inductor

Nanocrystalline Cores For Common Mode Inductor


According to the different magnetic performance requirements of customers for iron core products, select suitable composition and grade strips to be wound into the required specifications of iron cores, and conduct magnetic field heat treatment in a protective atmosphere to obtain nanocrystalline iron cores with magnetic properties that meet customer requirements. The customer requires packaging protection.

Nanocrystalline cores for common mode inductor


—High saturation magnetic induction intensity-effectively reduce the volume of common mode inductors

—Excellent impedance-frequency characteristics

—Outstanding anti-unbalanced current capability

—Excellent temperature stability

Feature application

Compared with ferrite, nanocrystalline has a higher Curie temperature and can work reliably even at a high temperature as high as 180℃; nanocrystalline has higher magnetic permeability and higher saturation magnetic induction. Crystal iron core can greatly reduce weight and volume, and the power loss of copper winding is usually 50-70% of ferrite. It is suitable for consumer electronic equipment such as frequency conversion drives, EV controllers, frequency conversion air conditioners, LCD TVs, electric ceramic stoves, and it is also suitable for EMC management in the field of industrial power supplies such as inverter welding machines.

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