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Nanocrystalline Current Transformer Cores for Power Supply Use

Nanocrystalline Current Transformer Cores for Power Supply Use


As we all know, the higher the permeability of CT core, the smaller the measurement error and the higher the measurement accuracy. Under the condition of low amperage or small turn ratio, the silicon steel CT core can not meet the requirements of measurement accuracy. Fe Ni permalloy core has low saturation induction and high cost, which limits its application

Nanocrystalline soft magnetic material is a new development direction. The composition of the material is 82% iron, and the rest is silicon, boron, niobium, copper, carbon, molybdenum and nickel. Raw materials are manufactured and supplied in amorphous form. When annealed, it is recrystallized into a precise mixture of amorphous and nanocrystalline phases, giving the material unique magnetism.

Compared with silicon steel, permalloy and other traditional core materials, Fe based nanocrystalline alloy has the advantages of high permeability and low cost. It is more competitive in the application of 0.2, 0.2S, 0.5s, 0.5s and 0.5s precision current transformers. Compared with other available materials, this material has the best overall performance in a wide frequency range. Its relatively high saturation flux density, coupled with its incredible low loss and high permeability, makes it useful in many applications over a wide frequency range

Nanocrystalline magnetic core is widely used in power system, power measurement and control system, power system, relay protection and other fields because of its high permeability, high magnetic susceptibility and low cost.


  1.       High permeability

  2.      Minimized current measuring error in CT

3.      High saturation induction

4.      Small size and light weight compared to Nickel alloy CT

5.      Excellent thermal stability can work at -55℃ -120℃ for long time

6.      Low cost/Good linearity

7.      Protection with plastic case and boxes also stainless steel cases

8.      Wide range of permeabilities


Current transformers with 0.2, 0.2s, 0.1 accuracy class. Bushing current transformer for gas insulated or oil-immersed switchgear . Lv, Mv & Hv switchgear, and other apparatus in electric power transmission.

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