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Nanocrystalline technology and wireless charging content

Nanocrystalline technology and wireless charging content


2018 is the first year of the explosion of wireless charging. After Samsung, last year Apple used wireless charging for three more mobile phones. This year it is said that Xiaomi and Huawei will have wireless charging functions on new models, and the wireless charging industry will welcome Come to explode; there is a material called nanocrystalline, which is suddenly hotter. What does this have to do with wireless charging?

At present, the mainstream wireless charging receiver on the market generally adopts the FPC soft board solution. The advantage is that it can be thin and light, but there are problems of high cost and high heat. In the future, the wireless charging of mobile phones will carry an important function to realize fast charging. , Instead of wired charging, and compared with FPC soft boards, the coil can achieve greater received power and lower temperature rise, so the coil solution is one of the better solutions for wireless fast charging, and the cost can be reduced.

In terms of magnetic materials, the outstanding advantage of nanocrystalline is that it combines the high saturation magnetic flux density (Bs) of the iron-based amorphous alloy and the high permeability and low loss of the cobalt-based amorphous alloy, which can well meet the high frequency and low loss performance. Requirements; Therefore, the coil + nanocrystalline solution will be the mainstream direction in the future;

The iron-based nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy with high saturation magnetic induction and high permeability can have both high saturation magnetic induction (1.25T) and high permeability (>80,000), which is conducive to small size and high-precision development. 2. Low loss It is equivalent to 1/5 of the iron loss of Fe-based amorphous, and the loss is as low as 70W/Kg at 100KHz300mT, and lower power frequency temperature rise.

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