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On a new material -- amorphous soft magnetic alloy

On a new material -- amorphous soft magnetic alloy


Amorphous metals and alloys are a new field of materials in the 1970s. Its preparation technology is completely different from the traditional method, but adopts the super rapid cooling solidification technology with a cooling rate of about one million degrees per second. From the liquid steel to the finished strip, it reduces many intermediate processes compared with the general cold-rolled metal strip manufacturing process.

Due to the super rapid cooling solidification, there is no time for the atoms to arrange and crystallize orderly during the solidification of the alloy. The solid alloy has a long-range disordered structure without the existence of grains and grain boundaries of the crystalline alloy, which is called amorphous alloy. This alloy has many unique properties, such as excellent magnetism, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, hardness and toughness, high resistivity and electromechanical coupling properties.

Because of its excellent performance and simple process, it has become the focus of material science research and development at home and abroad since the 1980s. And a large number of amorphous alloy products gradually replace silicon steel, permalloy and ferrite to the market.

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