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Silicon Steel Transformer Core: Genre of Safe Electric Supply

Silicon Steel Transformer Core: Genre of Safe Electric Supply


Silicon steel, also known as Electrical steel or E-Steel, is an iron-based soft alloy with enhanced magnetic characteristics.

It is commonly used as a soft material for various electrical applications. From small relays to efficient transformers, motors, and generators, silicon steel has made its place in the transformer industry.  

In the current era, electrical power technology has taken a huge turn, and the requirement for effective materials has increased.

Similarly, the demand for improved silicon steel cores that can be used to decrease heat dissipation during electric usage has also increased.

Especially for electrically operating devices such as transformers, the addition of silicon steel cores has shown a drastic change in improving users' life.

And its high permeability reduces power, and the core loss feature ensures a clear reduction in power dissipation.

In this article, we will share some amazing facts about silicon steel along with a discussion of the most professional and efficient silicon steel transformer core provider.

Role of Silicon Steel Transformer Core Providers

The core used in a transformer contributes around 30% of the total weight of a transformer and so the cost. Thus, the core implies a huge impact on the lifelong operation of transformers. They decide whether you will have increased revenue or experience continuous loss after your purchase.

Consequently, choosing a trusted core supplier is the ultimate solution to finding the best quality silicon steel transformer cores that ensure reduced loss and efficient working of the transformer. So, you wouldn't have to worry about constant breakdowns and replacing of cores.

How Can Transmart Be A Life Changer

Transmart is not a hidden name in the transformers' industry but occupies a prominent place in the market.

Transmart provides its products in 50+ countries and has won the hearts of its customers worldwide. It exports high quality;

● Transformer chokes and cores

● Soft magnetic cores and materials

● Electrical components

● Nanocrystalline cores

● Inductors and reactors

● Amorphous cores

● Silicon steel sheets

From North America to Europe, Transmart supplies guaranteed application products to improve your working lives. Moreover, Transmart has the widest silicon steel cores range, including;

● Unicore

● Toroidal cores

● Current sensor cores

● C-cores

● Instrument transformer cores

● Silicon steel transformer cores

With Transmarts' huge and effective silicon steel transformer cores variety and years of experience producing products that improve the transformer operating span, you don't have to go anywhere else. Opt for Transmart and get stress-free product delivery and user experience.

Silicon Steel Transformer Core: A Quick Rundown

The main component in the silicon steel transformer core comprises silicon alloy steel up to 4.5% and carbon UPS 0.08%.

It is highly magnetic, with increased resistivity and low coercive force that ultimately reduces eddy currents and hysteresis losses.

Being a magnetic material, silicon steel works effectively in electrically powered transformers, generators, and motors.

With its increased silicon mass of up to 3.2%, it resists and efficiently reduces eddy current and hysteresis losses.

Other properties of silicon steel that make it suitable to use as a transformer core to boost transformers' performance include;

● High resistivity

● Magnetostriction

● Magneto crystalline

● Curie temperature

● Saturation induction

● High permeability

● Good conductor

● Saves electrical energy

● Lightweight

● Small core formation

● Increased magnetic anisotropy

How Does Silicon Steel Core Work?

Silicon steel works in two different ways to reduce the potential of losses, including eddy current and hysteresis. Consequently, let's break down how silicon steel reduces eddy current and hysteresis losses?

1. Eddy current losses

Using a magnetic silicon pure steel as a transformer core ensures good electric conduction. On the other hand, eddy currents are circulating currents that are produced during flux passing through the magnetic core.

And to reduce the ratio of Eddy current losses, 4 to 5 percent of impurity (silica) is added to the main alloy, which decreases steel's conductivity potential.

However, using a large amount of silica might reverse the process. Therefore, an additional silicon steel core is laminated to ensure less loss of eddy currents.

2. Hysteresis loss

As we have already discussed, silicon steel has increased magnetic permeability; therefore, we can assume that integrating silicon steel as a transformer core can also reduce hysteresis loss.

Hysteresis loss is caused when the transformer core experiences an alternative magnetic force.

And the hysteresis loop can be identified after every cycle with power dissipation.

Therefore, choosing a material with less hysteresis loop area ensures a reduction in hysteresis loss.

And the hysteresis coefficient of silicon steel is around 0.6, which is quite low. Thus, silicon steel has the same capacity to reduce hysteresis losses.

Silicon Steel Sheets In Transformer As Iron Core

We have already discussed the purpose of the silicon steel core in the transformer, and now let's talk about how silicon steel sheets impact the transformer's performance.

These silicon steel sheets are molded in a coil that generates a huge amount of magnetic induction and reduces the transformer's size.

As you know, transformers are operated in an AC state, meaning the power loss is initiated due to coil resistance and current magnetization that occur in alternative to iron core. This leads to iron loss, also known as Eddy current, and hysteresis loss.

The silicon steel sheets are cold-rolled into 0.5-0.35 millimeters in thickness. Following the iron core size, the silicon steel sheets are cut to overlap easily.

Moreover, the thinner the silicon steel sheet, the reduced Eddy current effect, and temperature will be and thus saves the sheets as well.

In other words, silicon steel cores lower the Eddy currents effects with increased electrical resistivity.

And this core offers an increased flux density along with a stable and safe transformer performance throughout the years.

Ultimately the silicon steel core generates more magnetic induction that helps utilize small transformers with enhanced potential.

Uses of Silicon Steel That Impacts Transformers Industry

With two basic and essential uses of silicon steel core, the latter comes with a bundle of advantages that effectively impact the transformers' performance, such as;  

➔ Converts large-sized transformers into small ones due to thin cold rolling.

➔ With reduced power dissipation, it improves the transformer's working potential.

➔ Provide stability to the transformer to ensure more resistance towards vibrations and electromagnetic alternates.

➔ Assures eco-friendly working of transformers due to less burning and heat production.

Using silicon steel transformer cores in your transformer boosts its life span and performance. It improves the working compatibility of transformers to help you make more revenue and avoid loss.

However, a low-quality silicon steel core can turn the world upside down and would lead you to experience constant losses.

Therefore, avoid such circumstances by buying quality and effective silicon steel transformer cores from Transmart.

Check out Transmart to Get Quality & Save Money Now!



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