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Study on Aging Stability of Amorphous Soft Magnetic Alloy Materials

Study on Aging Stability of Amorphous Soft Magnetic Alloy Materials


As an important part of the transformer, it has strict requirements. In addition to excellent performance, long service life is also an important selection factor. Now the transformer cores produced by enterprises are made of non-alloy materials, which is a new type of high-tech material.Because amorphous alloys have their specificity, metastableness, and have a tendency to crystallize under certain conditions, people are worried about whether the magnetic properties of amorphous alloys will be lost due to crystallization as the use time increases.Deng Xiaoping said that practice is the criterion for testing truth, and that what you say is the most accurate. Run the amorphous alloy iron core for a long time under the toes of actual use, and observe its magnetic changes. Foreign research on amorphous transformer cores is much earlier than in our country. Many transformers have used this material. According to the information obtained so far, these transformers have been operating normally, indicating that the amorphous cores will withstand long hours of work, and the magnetic energy will not Disappear, the time-dependent stability is reliable.Since the 1980s, China began to promote the application of amorphous alloys in transformers, protective switches and other fields. So far, there has not been an example of product failure due to deterioration of iron core performance. This fully proves that China's amorphous technology is reliable and safe over time.

There are many types of amorphous alloy materials. If they are operated for a long time, it is not safe and wastes resources, which is obviously unrealistic. So we have to draw conclusions through experiments. As we all know, amorphous alloys have a tendency to crystallize at a certain temperature. We have found that this trend decreases rapidly with the decrease of temperature.Through the master's rule, we can use high-temperature and short-time aging experiments in the laboratory to prove the aging stability of the material. From the experimental data, the high temperature aging of the amorphous alloy is very good, which can meet the requirements of daily equipment.

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