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Transmart Split Core Current Transformer

Transmart Split Core Current Transformer


A split core current transformer is a type of current transformer designed to be installed without the need to disconnect any cables or remove any covers. These transformers are typically mounted around existing bus bars or cables and use a two-piece Silicon steel core or Nanocrysalline Core which is clamped around the conductor. This allows the split core CT to be easily mounted and removed, making it ideal for performing current tests or monitoring electrical circuits. The split core current transformer monitors current by sensing the magnetic field around the conductor and then converting this into an alternating current signal. This signal is typically fed to a meter, relay or controller for further processing.

These split core current transformers provide accurate current sensing and can be used in various applications such as motor protection, safety circuits, switchgear protection, and more. Split core current transformers are perfect for applications requiring continuous monitoring, as these devices can be easily disconnected without interrupting power.

The most important step in manufacturing a good split core current transformer is to select the appropriate core material. The material must be able to withstand the current and voltage levels that will be present in the application. In addition, the core material must have low magnetic hysteresis and good magnetic permeability. Common core materials for current transformers include silicon steel electrical steels, nanocrystalline ribbons and amorphous ribbons.

Transmart Industrial Limited is a professional manufacturer of Split cores with toroidal core shape and rectangular core shapes. The manufacturing process of split core is slitting of raw material to the desired width, it is very important to control the slitting to a minimum burs. The next step is core winding. Transmart Core are wound with fully automatic winding machines with stacking factor up to 98%. Then the cores are annealed with 800℃. Next, the cores are impregnated with epoxy resin under vacuum tank. The cores will be cut and polished after impregnation. This job must be done very carefully so that the split core halves are with perfect mating surfaces. This is the key point to guarantee the current transformer with high accuracy. Transmart cores are 100% tested before shipped out to customers. The split core current transformers can be used indoor or outdoor. Transmart cores are with epoxy coating or nickel plating, it guarantees the cores with perfect protection for using in demanding environments. 

The future of split core current transformers is incredibly promising. As more and more businesses move towards green energy production and smart grid, there is an increased demand for split core current transformers that can reduce energy consumption and improve safety. To meet this demand, manufacturers are developing new models with advanced features that offer even better performance and cost savings.

Smart grid technology is enabling greater efficiency and flexibility in the use of split core current transformers. This allows more businesses to use these transformers to monitor power consumption and adjust their operations accordingly. Split core transformers with the high-quality Transmart Cores enable the grid to be remotely monitored and managed, making it easier to track energy usage and maintenance tasks. Build your smart transformers with Transmart.

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