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What are the advantages of vertical common mode inductors?

What are the advantages of vertical common mode inductors?


In recent years, market sales have been developing towards practicality.Common common mode inductors have long been unable to meet the requirements of the sales market. Therefore, a new inductor product must be developed to meet customer requirements. Therefore, vertical common mode The inductor is put on the market in this way.

So what are the advantages of common mode inductors?

vertical common mode inductors

General inductors have only one inductance value and two solder layers; while the patch vertical common mode inductor has two inductance values, and the inductance values are not the same; there are four solder layers. It can adjust the sense value and electric data flow according to the requirements of consumers. In this way, the large capacity of the mobile phone software inductor is avoided, and the expected effect is indeed the same. Even if the SMD vertical common-mode inductor is SMD installation, the machinery and equipment are all capable of soldering tin wires, so there is no need for manual service installation, which avoids false soldering and weak soldering.

SMD vertical common-mode inductors burn out. Inductors such as SMD inductors are electronic components that can convert electrical energy into magnetic energy and store them. In addition, they are also a consumable. In fact, all electronic products cannot avoid the loss in the whole process of use, it is just the length of the use period. In addition to natural losses, common-mode inductors and other inductances also cause inductance damage due to other reasons, such as burnout and cracking of the inductance coil.

Generally speaking, there are three reasons for the burnout of vertical common-mode inductors:

1. In the process of designing vertical common-mode inductors for the manufacturer, the inductance coil design is unreasonable and the design margin is not enough. Generally, the manufacturer is convenient to fully consider the product will encounter the various reasons that will be caused by the application process. There will be many designs for this part.

2. The quality of the silk-covered wire used by the manufacturers for the vertical common-mode inductance electromagnetic coil is very poor. Some manufacturers use counterfeit and shoddy silk-covered wires to save costs. Such inferior products have poor heat resistance and are easy to burn out.

3. The manufacturer’s general design requirement for the temperature of the vertical common-mode inductor coil is 60K, but some manufacturers facilitate the reduction of direct costs, and also reduce the number of turns of the inductor coil, which causes the temperature of the inductor coil to rise to 75K. In this kind of high temperature conditions, even all normal magnet coil wire covered wires cannot be sustained for a long time, which may lead to loosening of the conductivity part and expansion of the varistor, which greatly reduces the level of the inductance coil cable sheath. , The probability of burning out the inductance coil is also greatly increased.

So how do you solve it?

SMD vertical common-mode inductors burn out. In fact, to completely solve the difficulties, everyone must start from the root cause. People must first prevent such manufacturers who are easy to manipulate and cost, regardless of product quality, and choose high-quality inductance products to ensure.

Secondly, if it is found that the magnet coil is burnt out, it must be properly handled immediately. If it is necessary to repair, it can be checked whether the number of turns of the common fault of short-circuit fault is very small, whether the common fault part of short-circuit fault is at the edge position, and whether other vertical common mode inductance coils It is intact, if it is, the damaged part can be removed for emergency application.

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