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What is a soft magnetic composite material

by:Transmart     2020-10-19
Through the use of soft magnetic composites ( SMC) Edge and repression, iron-based powder, to achieve the shape of a laminate is unable to realize, other can in motor design method of transition from 2 d to 3 d. There are some goods as 'forming' powders, with excellent magnetic properties, but sometimes from the mechanical point of view. Products designed to improve this on the one hand, but has a considerable technological complexity and relative cost. The author realized in using the selected resin bonded magnet has experience in the research field of SMC parts transfer, can keep the edge of magnetic iron powder compounds to study the possibility of good mechanical properties, IIPC) As a reference. Soft magnetic alloy are introduced in the realization of SMC mixed iron powder and phenolic resin, under pressure from different percentage and the weight of the mould of activity. A compromise between magnetic and mechanical properties of point of view, the results obtained is considered satisfactory, also considering the production process is relatively simple. Will get the results and the results are related to commercial products than help for research, it is also because the proposed SMC under the same performance cost reduced.
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