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Which Is the Best Core Material For Current Transformer?

Which Is the Best Core Material For Current Transformer?


When discussing electronic appliances, one crucial thing to mention is the current transformers. The current transformers are present in most devices as they help measure the current passing through the circuit.

Now you might be thinking why anyone would want to measure the current. This is because different appliances need different frequencies and colors of current, and if they get less or more than that, they will get damaged easily. Therefore, measuring the current hold a lot of importance.

The current transformer is a complex device made of various materials. If you want to know which material is the best for this purpose, this article is just for you.

What are Current Transformers?

Before looking at the different types of materials that can be used for the current transformer, let's look at what is a current transformer. Measuring the current through direct means can be very costly and dangerous. This means that we need to find an alternative way, which is when the current transformers come into action.

These transformers are perfect for measuring the current passing through the circuit. They are designed to work on the principle of mutual induction, so that the current passes from the primary to the secondary course. Meanwhile, the transformer will measure the current.

What are the Different Materials Used in Current Transformers?

There are various types of materials that are used in the current transformers. Following are some of them that are commonly found.

1. Amorphous Steel:

This popular choice allows the creation of the perfect magnetic cores in the transformer. Thin metallic tapes are used together to reduce the eddy currents. This is a good and efficient option that is used in the current transformers nowadays.

2. Solid Iron Core:

These cores are good if you want to increase the magnetic flux while retaining the magnetic field without increasing the iron. It is used in various transformers; however, they are not suggested for the ones used for AC appliances.

3. Nanocrystalline Transformer Core:

The nanocrystalline transformer core is one of the most suitable materials that can be used for a current transformer. This core is made with one or more materials in nano value. They are excellent for the current transformers because of the fantastic benefits you can attain through this material.

Transmart nanocrystalline cores for current transformers

How Nanocrystalline Transformer Core is the Best for Current Transformers?

When it comes to the nanocrystalline transformer cores, they are highly permeable and efficient, because of which people are now using these transformers extensively in their electronic devices. Following are some of the significant benefits of these nanocrystalline cores for current transformers.

1. High Impedance and High Frequencies:

One of the main benefits of the nanocrystalline transformer core is that they give high impedance. High impedance is very beneficial for electronics as they make the frequency band wide and effective. They reduce the work of the engineers, and they have to do much less experimenting while making these electronics.

Their high impedance makes it easy for the appliances to work on higher frequencies. This means if there is high frequency or voltage from the main power plant, it will be easy for your machines to change according to the electricity coming.

2. High Durability:  

It is also seen that these nanocrystalline transformer cores are highly durable. The material used in these is high quality, allowing these transformers to withstand the increased frequency and impedance. This core is much more stable and bears the damages easily compared to the other cores made from different alloys.

3. Increase Magnetic Induction:

The nanocrystalline core is a soft metallic core which means the core does not get easily magnetized to the saturation level. This is a fantastic thing because if the magnetic induction is too strong, then the proper functioning of the appliance might not be possible. This can cause a lot of damage to the device, which might cause problems for the machine to work correctly.

The anti-saturation property of the core makes it perfect for not losing power at higher induction. This allows the core to work more appropriately and create the best resilience. It will be able to create a balance against the current and control the temperature spike. There is also a lower loss of alternating current, making it easy for the appliance to perform best.

4. Adaptation to Temperature:

The next benefit of using the nanocrystalline transformer cores in the electronic transformer is that it is great for adapting to the temperature. If the appliances heat up too much, then they might get damaged. Therefore, the nanocrystalline cores for the current transformer's temperature adaption equality work amazingly in adjusting the temperature and maintaining the right environment for the appliance.

Transmart – The Best Place to Find Nanocrystalline Cores for Current Transformers:

If you want to find the highest and premium quality nanocrystalline cores for current transformers, then Transmart is the best option for you. This place focuses on delivering the best quality products to its customers. TranSmart is considered one of the biggest nanocrystalline suppliers in China because of its top-notch quality.

Not only this, but they also supply many other things, such as amorphous cores, steel cores a lot of different things. They have 10-plus years in this field and are working day and night to improve their quality. They serve customers from 40-plus countries, winning their hearts and impressing them from their quality. We urge you to read out the impressive reviews customers has left on such bulky orders. Hope onto the ir official website to lean more about them!


The nanocrystalline cores for current transformers are the best materials that can be used. This is because they are much more efficient and provide many other benefits to the transformer. Therefore, we hope this article proved beneficial for you in understanding what the current transformer is and what is the best material for making it.

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