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2020 Holiday Announcement

2020 Holiday Announcement


Dear customer,


Thanks for your concern and care for such a long time. Our company has made a holiday plan for the coming year 2020. Please be noted the holiday arrangements as following:

New Year's Day1st January 2020 (Wednesday)


Chinese New Year24th till 30st January 2020, seven days totally. Remark: 19th January 2020 (Sunday) is working day and we will resume work on 1st February 2020 (Saturday).


Tomb-Sweeping Day4th till 6th April 2020, three days totally.


Labor Day1st till 5th May 2020, five days totally. Remark:  26th April 2020 (Sunday) and 9th May 2020 (Saturday) are working days.


Dragon Boat Festival25th till 27th June 2020, three days totally. We will resume work on 28th June 2020 (Sunday).


National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival1st till 8th Octocber 2020, eight days totally. Remark:27th September (Sunday) and 10th Octocber 2020 (Saturday) are working days.


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27th November 2019

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