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About the magnetic material

by:Transmart     2020-10-16
Explanation is that the magnetization and magnetic domain, and can store the energy in the magnetic material behavior, and most theories are collected from field and wave electromagnetism by David Cheng. In figure 2. 1 research typical magnetization or BH. It can be seen that the magnetizing force imposed by the BH for a fraction of it is linear. This is because the magnetic saturation, this means that the relatively close to the air. This means that when the linear relation between the magnetic flux density, permeability decreases magnetizing force will deviate due to magnetic flux, inductor with magnetic permeability decrease stays the same. When material saturated inductor can be seen as a short circuit. It is, therefore, when designing inductor to protect its working point and the distance between the sensor is very important. Saturation point. Material has different characteristics of BH, so is suitable for different applications. Soft magnetic alloy has a lot of magnetic materials magnetic hysteresis and resistance loss, but the size of the loss depends on the material and electrical conditions. Magnetic material flux saturation point density did not increase. For ferrite, the value is about 0. 3 T, for the iron, the value is about 1. 8 T [ 4] 。 By the inductance of the derived from the solid tesla coil. An inductor is stored in the magnetic field energy of electronic components. Inductance usually consists of winding on the magnetic core part of the conductor.
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