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Activity and magnetic composite materials

by:Transmart     2020-10-08
Mentioned activity brought interesting result: a proposed SMC made with phenolic resin has good magnetic and mechanical. These than I. 我。 P。 C。 It's much better. The soft magnetic alloy to explore different percentage of adhesives and process pressure is proved according to specific requirements to adjust the final magnetic properties. Characterization of activity continues, in evaluating how much damage. Activity study of prosecution would be in the near future the prototype or part of a prototype. As the back of the consideration, here introduces some opinions about the cost. Basic I will. 我。 P。 C。 As a reference cost, even if the cost of the resin has a significant effect on final product, advice of magnetic composite materials will also cheaper. On the other hand, should refer to the I. 我。 P。 C the appropriate comparison. Has good mechanical properties, compared: in this case, the suggestion of SMC cost is about 50% cheaper than commercial SMC. Also, remember that in the mold and the subsequent heat treatment, the overall process is relatively simple, cheaper bend test results confirmed that the logic, namely the increase of the increase of resin content and pressure are play an important role on the mechanical performance. Shows the bending test results: interestingly, observed a lot of SMC samples relative to the I. 我。 P。 C has good performance. The result seems to think is relatively satisfactory.
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