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Amorphous alloy transformer development prospects

by:Transmart     2020-06-02
As a new type of magnetic material - — Amorphous alloy business parthers has 26 years of history for transformer manufacturing. By analyzing the technical characteristics of the product alloy transformer and the technical economy, and are compared with those of comprehensive benefit of the integrated, S11 series transformer, reflects the energy-saving effect of amorphous alloy transformer. From our building economical society and the demand for energy-efficient products, analysis of amorphous alloy transformer products development of macro environment, industry status, market demand, to study the feasibility of the development and production of amorphous alloy transformer and popularize the use of the prospects of amorphous alloy transformer. Made a rapid development in recent years, China's power grid, the grid size, voltage grade, the coverage of all are the most of the world. But compared with international advanced level of power grid, the grid line loss. suggestions has always been high. Energy conservation and emissions reduction as a key research direction in the current energy application field, was promoted to a new level. Transformer as an important equipment of power transmission, control of its energy consumption will help to save energy. The wastage of the transformer occupies very large proportion in the whole power grid line loss, especially in power distribution network. Transformer core material directly affect the no-load loss and no-load current transformer, determines the loss of the transformer. Amorphous alloy iron core distribution transformer used for permeability performance prominent amorphous alloy iron core material, reduce the loss of the transformer. Amorphous alloy transformer no-load loss 26% compared with the existing integrated series transformer to save. Therefore the promotion and use of amorphous alloy transformer will effectively solve the problem of high loss in the process of energy transfer. , and through the amorphous alloy strip material properties and structure characteristics of the amorphous alloy iron core were analyzed, and puts forward the amorphous alloy transformer loss and efficiency and the relationship between the load rate, and the silicon and amorphous alloy transformer in operation cost, investment payback period, the total cost has carried on the comprehensive analysis and comparison. Again, this paper analyzes the technical characteristics of the amorphous alloy distribution transformer, the technical indicators of amorphous alloy distribution transformer carried on the thorough analysis, to explore the reasonable and reliable test and analysis methods. Finally, the structure of amorphous alloy transformer products are discussed in this paper, the application of the amorphous alloy transformer, economic performance, technical performance are analyzed in a comprehensive system of research, for amorphous alloy transformer should be popularized and applied energetically, greatly improve the quality of power grid electricity, effectively reduce the loss of power grid. Due to its superior no-load performance, amorphous alloy transformer industry watches since the trial production stage, along with saving energy and reducing consumption, to carry out the scientific concept of development in all kinds of policies, amorphous alloy transformer as a kind of excellent energy saving products, favored by the industry.
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