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Amorphous materials not only energy-saving environmentally friendly

by:Transmart     2020-05-28
Selection of amorphous alloy iron core transformer, its unique place is significantly energy saving and environmental protection. First amorphous alloy has good performance in environmental protection, the technical testing when the amorphous alloy iron core to be effective when used in oil-immersed transformer CO, SO, NO harmful gas emissions, to reduce atmospheric pollution degree, SO can call the 2100 electric power products & quot; Green products & quot; 。 Second amorphous alloy transformer no-load damage is the most distinct unique place is very low, energy saving effect is apparent. Because of amorphous alloys have excellent guide magnetic force, more facilitate to scarce energy consumption magnetization and demagnetization. Because of the amorphous alloy transformer no-load damage is far lower than the traditional transformer. With the SEC enterprises ( American superconductor energy material enterprises) Produce of amorphous alloy transformer of 500 kva, for example, amorphous alloy transformer and integrated type transformer no-load damage respectively is 190 w and 900 w. The amorphous alloy transformer no-load damage less than a quarter of the integrated type transformer no-load damage, energy-saving results are obvious at a glance. For the road, the urban infrastructure and residential quarters electric power load flap of the larger field of amorphous alloy transformer energy-saving benefit is more obvious. Because of energy saving effect is very good, can save the number of power plant investment, detracts from the cost of power generation burning materials, thus detract from pollution to the atmospheric background. For amorphous alloy transformer used before the new material and update technology, so the process is more complicated than in the past, because the high price than traditional transformer, amorphous alloy transformer average is about 30% higher than the traditional transformer model; But because of its energy saving effect is remarkable, operation cost is not higher than the original, so the integrated use of lower cost than traditional transformer. We go with amorphous alloy transformer of 500 kva and often use the integrated type transformer to make a comparison between the two, amorphous alloy transformer in each can save electric energy, 6832 a year. 8 KWH, save electricity a year five thousand multivariate. Is higher than the integrated type amorphous alloy transformer transformer price about 30%, but the additional cost for amorphous alloy transformer in operation of all 3 ~ 5 years to recover.
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