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Amorphous nanocrystalline core application prospect

by:Transmart     2020-06-26
Amorphous nanocrystalline core application prospect, at present a lot of amorphous nanocrystalline core into manufacturing businesses, as well as the process of planning and design, have been large supply market. If prior to the user of the amorphous nanocrystalline core stability and energy saving effect is still in doubt, then through more than ten years of amorphous nanocrystalline core net application experiments show that those concerns have been eliminated, the user's awareness has been greatly improved, and amorphous nanocrystalline core price decline and long-term benefits, follow market growth. Transmart is an export-oriented company, customers in more than 50 countries. Most of our clients are from Europe and North America. We provide nanocrystalline steel, amorphous silicon steel and steel of high quality around the core. Product applications include common mode choke, hall effect current sensor, low and medium voltage instrument transformer, residual current circuit breaker, reactor, inductors, etc.
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