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Are we informed about Soft Magnetic Materials weight and volume after shipment?
Transmart Industrial Limited provides the weight and quantity after the shipment of Soft Magnetic Materials . If you do not get it, please contact our customer service. It is wise for you and us to understand how to calculate shipping costs. We can creatively combine your packaging to streamline logistics and reduce transportation costs.
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Transmart is one of the foremost suppliers of nanocrystalline ribbon in China. We have been providing products and manufacturing service for years. The silicon steel transformer core series is one of the main products of Transmart. The components or parts used in Transmart mu metal transformer core are required to pass relevant requirements. They will be inspected or tested for strength, hardness, durability, and other mechanical properties using different testing methods. The product has a wide permeability range. The product does not retain odor. The breathable perforated design allows airflow and can effectively avoid produce of any smell. It is commonly installed in transformers, reactors, inductors, breakers, inverters, etc.

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