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Benefits of Toroidal Power Transformer Technology

Benefits of Toroidal Power Transformer Technology


Are you tired of the noisy vibrations and poor output of heavy traditional transformers?


The Toroidal Power Transformer is the perfect alternative for you! Much like the traditional transformer, the Toroidal Power Transformer uses a no-action or motion mechanism in order to change the AC current.


With a spectacular power of 20-25000VA, the Transmart Toroidal Power Transformer is all about innovation and satisfaction, with its uses in solar photovoltaic energy generating systems and wind power controls in off-grid areas enabling better prospects for renewable energy sources.


Transmart Toroidal Power Transformer

Here are 7 benefits of choosing a TransmartToroidal Power Transformer for your business operations.

1. Greater Electrical Efficiency

Upon comparing the ratio of power output to power input for a Toroidal Power Transformer with a standard transformer, we find that the Toroidal Transformer offers an excellent efficiency rating of 90 to 95% whereas the typical efficiency of the standard transformer does not even reach a 90 percent rating. This means that the Toroidal Power Transformer requires minimal input and by avoiding energy losses, produces maximum output.


The efficiency ratings also act as a great indicator for the optimum temperature conditions that the transformer usually works in!

2. Lower Energy Losses in the Form of Heat

What the inverse relationship between efficiency and temperature indicates for your operations is that the higher the efficiency ratings of a transformer, the lower its temperature is, and vice versa. Similarly, Not only will a device using low-efficiency transformers heat up quickly, thus causing internal damage to heat-sensitive parts, but it will also need heat conservation measures such as heavy insulation and cooling fans in order to keep running in a stable condition.


A Toroidal Power Transformer proves to boost profitability by avoiding the cost of installing heavy insulation measures and cooling fans that also act as an unpleasant addition to the overall weight of the device.

3. Lower Leakage Flux During Off-Load Operation

For off-load operations, fewer resources are needed by the Toroidal Power Transformer, consuming 16 times less energy than a standard, non-toroidal transformer.


Air gaps that allow for these leakages to happen are the biggest design flaw of standard transformers. The Transmart Toroidal Power Transformer allows for air gaps to be eliminated through the tight winding of the core, with its torus design making the flux lines to flow in the same direction, thus enabling a continuous flow of electricity.   

4. Lower Audible Vibration

For radio broadcasting, noisy vibrations can affect the quality of the sound and can thus hurt profitability. A loud vibration hum is a teeth-grinding feature in standard transformers which is caused by the movement of the coil windings and core limitations.


A Toroidal Power Transformer will significantly cut back on energy losses via noise by having a tightly wound coil that is attached to the whole structure through spot-welded and using epoxy resin after the annealing process in some cases to reinforce a noiseless experience.    

5. Lower Stray Magnetic Field

With its unique shape and high-efficiency levels, the Transmart Toroidal Power Transformer is able to reduce stray magnetic field emissions by a spectacular 90%!


This is achieved by the concentration of heavy winding of the coil around the core which concentrates the entire magnetic flux on the core too, thus boosting efficiency and significantly reducing magnetic emissions. Thanks to its closed magnetic field, no other transformer can measure with the Toroidal Power Transformer in terms of low leakage inductance making it the best choice for your business.

6. More Compact Design

The doughnut-like shape makes it possible to have a continuous and compact design for the transformer to allow for a unidirectional electric flow which significantly enhances performance. The design also ensures a less bulky build of the transformer by reducing its weight and volume.


The compact design helps avoid magnetic losses which can then lead to heavy energy losses and net lower efficiency, hurting the prospects for a business. With flexible dimensions based on customer preferences, the Toroidal Power Transformer is the perfect device for high-efficiency business operations.

7. Convenient Mounting

The mounting of the Transmart Toroidal Power Transformer is super convenient with a single central volt to make it a lot easier.


The mounting pieces are a metal plate, rubber washer, and a screw, which after annealing is epoxy potted and screwed in place. In contrast, a traditional transformer requires more than 4 bolts to mount, making it a tedious thing to work with.


                       Epoxy potted Toroidal Transformer                                                                                                                     PCB Toroidal Transformer


The Transmart Toroidal Power Transformer is the ultimate solution to your transformer issues, providing your business with a greater electrically efficient experience in a much more compact design that is easier to assemble.


All in all, the numbers favor the Toroidal Power Transformer, thus choosing it for your operations will directly boost function profitability.



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