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C - silicon steel sheet The CORE CORE flake is why

by:Transmart     2021-01-23

a lot of customers, also is actually ask for transformer, why don't you do C - blocks of silicon steel The CORE CORE, but to put it into flake. On this question, in fact is because flake C - CORE CORE can be to a great extent it reduced the another iron loss, actually also is what we normally speak 'eddy current loss.

transformer at work, for the coil, it actually is also there will be alternating current, it is because of this, we also is to be noted that actually for its produce magnetic flux, certain is alternating, in terms of the change, it is the magnetic flux in the C - The CORE of CORE directly leads to a series of induced current.

for C - CORE of induced current of iron CORE, also is actually in a plane perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic flux of circulation, it is because of this, we also is actually it directly is called eddy current. For eddy current loss, it is the same, that is, can make the iron core of fever phenomenon.

in order to reduce the eddy current loss, for C - of transformer CORE CORE, we actually is also directly with the insulation of silicon steel sheet pile into each other, this time, actually is also can be directly makes the eddy current in the relatively long and narrow shape of a loop, and then said, we will actually is also noticed that it actually is also can pass small section, to increase the eddy current distribution on a series of resistance; At the same time, the resistivity of silicon materials of silicon steel actually is also will appear the phenomenon of increase, this time, it also is to reduce the eddy current playing an important role.

is used to C - transformer A 35 mm thick cold rolled silicon steel sheet, according to the need of the size of the core, direct it to cut into long piece, then it will actually is also directly crossed into 'day' or glyph is 'mouth' glyph in transformer C - made of silicon steel sheet CORE CORE, from considering the specific circumstances, to choose the best size after weigh the pros and cons.
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