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C-type iron core process control and flow

C-type iron core process control and flow


Some high-end products come from strict process control. Our company is very strict in every process, in order to make all technical indicators higher than international indicators and other companies. Now let me introduce to you the control and flow of the C-type core process.

First of all, we are very targeted in the selection of materials. For the order requirements of different customers, we will personally select the corresponding materials, and each material will have the qualification certificate and test report provided by the merchant, as well as the IQC review test data. . The second step is slitting. We use selected slitting equipment and hard and straight alloy knives. The production capacity of each is very strong, which can reach 2T/day.The third step is winding, the automatic iron core winding equipment driven by a high-precision double shaft. Its production capacity reaches 11 tons per day. Although our coefficients are different for different materials, the control force is very good. Generally the new material with a thickness of 0.23-0.25mm, its lamination coefficient tail is 0.97 or 0.98; the value of the lamination coefficient of a new material with a thickness of 0.1-0.2mm; the lamination coefficient of a new material with a thickness of 0.05-0.08 The value is 0.90 or 0.91. Next is plastic surgery. The company strictly requires the end face to be flat. In addition, four steel belts are used to fix the plastic surgery in order to increase the accuracy of size and shape control. The fourth step is annealing. In this step, 12 nitrogen-filled mesh belts and a high-vacuum annealing furnace are used. The nitrogen generator can provide 250m3/hour of high-purity nitrogen with high quality. Then after demoulding, it is automatically dried by vacuum pressure dipping paint. Imported ring resin paint is used. After polishing and finishing. Ultrasonic cleaning is used to clean, and a special water-based anti-rust liquid will be added to wash the rust. The final product is shock-proof packaging, which is vacuum-proof and uses VCI paper to prevent rust.

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