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Amorphous iron core reduces a lot of energy loss

Amorphous iron core reduces a lot of energy loss


Amorphous alloy iron core transformer is a transformer made of a new type of magnetically permeable material amorphous alloy to make the iron core. It reduces the no-load damage consumption of the silicon steel sheet iron core transformer by about 75%, and the no-load current The reduction is about 80%, and it is a distribution transformer with an ideal energy-saving effect so far. It is especially suitable for use in rural power grids and developing areas where the load rate is low. Up to now, our national research institute has been able to spray 140mm wide amorphous iron-based strips.

The main unique features are:

(1) The thickness of the amorphous alloy iron chip is extremely thin, only 20-30ftm, and the supplement coefficient is low, about 0.82.

(2) The allowable magnetic density of amorphous alloy iron core is low, the single-phase transformer is usually 1.3~1.4T, and the three-phase transformer is usually 1.25~1.35T. Therefore, the product is preset to be subject to a relatively high material limit.

(3) The hardness of amorphous alloy is 5 times that of silicon steel sheet, and it is very difficult to process and cut. Ordinary transformer manufacturers can only use formed iron core to make amorphous alloy transformers.

(4) Amorphous alloy iron core materials are very sensitive to mechanical stress. Whether it is gravitational force or buckling stress, it will affect its magnetic performance. Because of this, we should consider the problem in the structure of the transformer body and try to reduce the force of the iron core.

(5) The magnetic domain expansion degree of amorphous alloy is about 10% higher than that of silicon steel sheet, and it is not suitable for over-clamping, because the noise of this amorphous alloy transformer will be higher than that of silicon steel sheet iron core transformer.

  The iron core of a three-phase amorphous alloy transformer has four frames combined into a structure roughly similar to a three-phase five-column type with crossed iron choke joints. Both the iron core and the winding have a rectangular cross-section, but each has its own mechanical support structure.

The overall development speed of my country's amorphous distribution transformers is not fast, and the main reason lies in the price. The default magnetic density of amorphous alloy transformer is low, so the core size and weight are too large, and the material price is higher than that of conventional silicon steel sheet. However, I firmly believe that based on the current situation of our country, with the joint efforts of all parties, the research and development of amorphous alloy transformers will surely have a faster and greater progress in the new century.

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