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Common Mode Inductor Nanocrystalline Core

by:Transmart     2022-12-30

Common mode inductor nanocrystalline magnetic core, with high magnetic permeability μi (200KHz) and high impedance characteristics, is widely used in wind power generators and household frequency converters.

Product performance:

High magnetic permeability µi (200KHZ), high L and high impedance Z in the high frequency range.
High saturation magnetic flux density 1.2T
High Curie temperature (580°C), excellent temperature characteristics
Low remanence Br, anti-DC

Product Specifications:

Nanocrystalline common-mode inductor cores include three types: single-phase common-mode inductor cores, three-phase common-mode inductor cores, and four-phase common-mode inductor cores.

Please download the standard dimensions of common mode inductor cores.

The magnetic core can be customized according to the customer's specifications and drawings. The parameters required for customization include:

1. Core size, case size

2. AL requirements at different frequencies

The main purpose:

EMC filter
home application
Switching power supply (SMPS), power supply
Solar inverters
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
welding equipment
Wind Turbines
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