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Current transformer common faults

by:Transmart     2020-05-25
Current transformer common faults as follows: 1) The insulation of the current transformer is very thick, some insulation package around loosely, insulation layer between buckling, combined with vacuum processing, incomplete impregnation and cause gas cavity, thus easy cause partial discharge fault. 2) Capacitance screen size and arrangement does not comply with the design requirements, and even less capacitance screen, capacitance plate is not smooth level off, the fracture and dislocation or even make the equalizer characteristics of destruction. Therefore, when the local solid insulation along the surface electric field intensity reaches a certain value, will cause partial discharge as a direct result of the partial discharge is to make insulating oil cracking, between the insulating layer to generate a large number of x wax, dielectric loss increased. This discharge is a cumulative effect, letting it grow, gas analysis in oil of the characteristics of the arc discharge will be presented. 3) Due to their high insulating material not clean or moisture, may cause creeping discharge on its surface. This situation is found in a terminal lead along the pad surface discharge. 4) Some loose connection or potential suspension will cause spark discharge of the metal, for example a winding support nut loose, causing a potential suspension winding shielding aluminum foil, screen at the end of the lead contact or welding bad break even, all can cause such failures. 5) - - - - - - Loose connection plate, bolt, nut, screen at the end of the grounding nut loose, tap clamp nut looseness, etc. , are likely to make contact resistance increases, leading to local overheating fault. In addition, the improper maintenance and management should be caused take seriously. Transformer water be affected with damp be affected with damp, for example, although may be associated with manufacturer of sealing structure and sealing material, however, there is also the question of maintenance and management. In general, the vacuum degassing inadequate or maintenance without vacuum drying, the gases dissolved in transformer oil is saturated or remaining bubbles in oil paper insulation and moisture is higher. All of these, will leave equipment safe hidden trouble.
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