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Current transformer in operation, and what about the bad influence of open circuit?

by:Transmart     2020-07-13
The running current transformer, why can't open? What is the principle? What kind of impact will be open? The vast majority of welders often hear such a word: 'the current transformer secondary side can not open, voltage transformer secondary side can't fault'. Work, we will look at this, the same as 'the Koran', remove the current transformer secondary line, the first to add short turn or short wiring connection, the secondary side then take out stitches surgery or wiring work, it can only be the guarantor of security, it is very appropriate. His former meters down the current line, met connection is not strong, terminal sputtered to charge and discharge conditions. The current transformer secondary why can't open? What is the principle? What can cause bad influence? Below for everyone careful analysis, expect everyone to understand. Current transformer normal work of cases, the secondary coil by joint load for the galvanometer or electromagnetic coil and its intelligent electric meter flow transmitter, etc. , the characteristics of the electromagnetic coil impedance is not large, most of the work in short circuit fault condition. Under such a circumstance, an electric current transformer flow and secondary coil electricity flow caused by the magnetic flux offset each other, to keep the relative density of magnetic flux in the core in the suitability, generally in a fraction of tesla's motor ( Magnetic flux density of units: T) Because the secondary coil resistor is not big, so the secondary coil working voltage is low. All normal operation conditions of magnetic flux current transformer is the phase offset, the relative density of magnetic flux is not big. When open circuit current transformer secondary windings, a power flow at the moment without change, secondary loop, broken or resistor is quite big, then the secondary side of power flow is 0, or very small, the secondary electromagnetic coil or core flux is not big, can't offset a magnetic flux. A power flow at the moment all become self induction electromotive force, make the iron core saturation state, this shift is suddenly, is called a sudden change, its relative density of magnetic flux reached several tesla motors. The bad influence of current transformer secondary open-circuit, after this kind of situation will cause the bad effects: 1. Secondary cause several working voltage (kv This did not certification, is the basic theory of copy) , high voltage will be through current transformer insulation, make all chassis by induction electric substation equipment, also will let the maintenance staff to get an electric shock accident, life-threatening. 2. Sudden changes saturated iron core can make voltage transformer iron core loss increase, iron core will be hot, destruction of voltage transformer. 3. Voltage transformer with iron core saturation, metrological verification phrase, CT contrast and Angle difference increase.
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