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Difference between common mode inductance and differential mode inductance

Difference between common mode inductance and differential mode inductance


Common mode inductor

Common mode inductance, also known as common mode choke coil, is generally used to filter the magnetic effect interference signal of common mode current in computer ring transformer In the power supply design, the common mode inductor is also used as an EMI filtering device to suppress ionizing radiation caused by pushing high-speed signals outward.

Common mode inductance is a common mode hazard with the transformer skeleton as the ferrite core. We can analyze the electronic components in China according to the data information of different specifications and models in two aspects. Similarly, the symmetrical coil inductance with the same coil structure and coil turns results in a four terminal electronic device on the same ferrite core ring transformer skeleton, For the middle development trend of common mode signal, it is necessary to show that the scientific research of large inductance digital model has the function of restraining the influencing factors of social and economic development, while for the differential mode signal management information system, it shows some small leakage inductance, most of which are ineffective. When the basic concept is that the common mode current is in the flux fluidity accumulated by each other, it is conducive to have a very large inductance and inhibit the common mode current. When the two audio signals across the coil are used to measure the current, they cancel each other according to the magnetic ring, most of them have no inductance, and the differential mode current can be turned over without transmission coefficient. Common mode inductance can effectively restrain the balanced development of common mode interference signal on the line, but it may not harm all normal driving route audio signal transmission data methods.

Detailed introduction of differential mode inductance

Differential mode inductance is a characteristic of the closed-loop control system, that is, when the current changes according to the closed-loop control system, the induced electromotive force will resist the change of electric flow. This is called self induction (self induction), which is the characteristic of their own closed-loop control system. Assuming that the enterprise makes analysis, a student can change according to the current of the closed loop. The induced electromotive force is caused by the influence factors of the induction coil in China. In addition, there is no closed loop in such a country, and this kind of inductance is called mutual inductance (mutual inductance). The circuit elements of an inductor are specifically connected with an inductive circuit. A solenoid is a simple inductance, which refers to a cable wound many times (called a "coil") ), the interior can be hollow and can also have a Chinese metal core. The magnetic effect of current is self inductance The transformer is the inductance caused by the middle of the coupling coils of two systems. Transformer is a basic equivalent circuit electronic device because of its mutual inductance.

Difference between common mode inductance and differential mode inductance

1. The winding wires of common mode inductors are generally bidirectional; Single side differential mode inductor is used by wire rewinding machine.

2. The common mode hazard suppression filter device can be called according to the common mode in the inductor; Differential mode hazard suppression filter device, and inductor called differential mode inductor.

3. Equal to the same number of coils around the core, the number of coil turns is equal to the diameter of the power line, and winding two opposite coils is a common mode inductance; The differential mode inductor is wound around the core of the coil.

4. Common mode signal: two different aspects that lead to important influencing factors in the learning process on the zero line and the live line can be based on the same new signal; Differential mode signal: suitable for the same control circuit in communication system.

Characteristics of common mode inductance: transformer coil is not afraid of saturation, because two groups of coils on the same transformer coil are wound in the opposite direction The raw material of high conductivity ferrite core is the top raw material in the market.

Differential mode inductance characteristics: in the case of large current application, because it is not important for the agent of coil winding resistance, when the current flows across the coil and expands to the transformer coil of the coil, the core raw material is the most important structural raw material in the iron market, because the market price is very affordable.

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