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How to distinguish nano microcrystalline iron core and super microcrystalline iron core?

How to distinguish nano microcrystalline iron core and super microcrystalline iron core?


(1k101) Fe based amorphous aluminum alloys

Fe based amorphous alloy is composed of bai80% Fe, 20% Si and class B chemical elements, It has the characteristics of high saturation state Du magnetic induction compressive strength (1.54t), Zhi permeability, excitation current and iron loss are better than ferrite core, especially low iron loss (1 / 3-1 / 5 of oriented silicon steel sheet), replacing silicon steel sheet as power transformer can protect environment and save energy by 60-70%. The thickness of amorphous strip of iron-based amorphous alloy is about 0.03mm. It is widely used in power transformer, high-power power transformer, pulse transformer, magnetic amplifier, medium frequency transformer and inverter power core, and is suitable for applications below 10kHz

(1k107) Fe based nanocrystalline aluminum alloy

Fe based nanocrystalline aluminum alloy is an amorphous material produced by the rapid solidification process of aluminum alloy dominated by iron and added with a small amount of Nb, Cu, Si and B elements. After heat treatment, this kind of amorphous material can obtain nano crystallites with a diameter of 10-20nm, which are diffused in the conventional amorphous state, which is called nano crystallites Nanocrystalline material or nanocrystalline material. Nanocrystalline materials have excellent comprehensive magnetic energy: high saturation magnetic induction (1.2t) and plateau initial permeability (8 × 104), low HC (0.32A / M), low high frequency loss under high magnetic induction (p0.5t / 20kHz = 30W / kg), resistance 80 μ Ω / cm, bimalloy (50-60) μ Ω / cm), high Br (0.9) or low Br (1000gs) can be obtained by solving the vertical or horizontal electromagnetic field. It is the best comprehensive material in the current sales market; Available frequency range: 50hz-100khz, the best frequency range: 20KHZ-50KHZ. It is widely used in high-power power power transformer, variable frequency power supply, magnetic amplifier, high-frequency transformer, high-frequency SPWM, high-frequency choke coil iron core, voltage transformer iron core, leakage protector power switch and common mode inductance iron core.

Microcrystalline iron core is prepared with microcrystalline strip with grain size of several microns. Super microcrystalline iron core is prepared with super microcrystalline (also known as nanocrystalline) strip with grain size of about 10nm.

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