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Explain in detail what to do if the side of the current transformer is reversed once -

by:Transmart     2023-01-07

The principle of current transformer is similar to that of general transformer, which is based on the principle of magnetic effect of current. Pay attention to several aspects in the application of current transformers: 1. One end of the secondary side of the current transformer must be grounded for protection. 2. When wiring the current transformer, pay attention to the polarity of the primary and secondary winding terminals. The secondary side can not lead the current transformer P1 and S1 are the same polarity, P2 and S2 are the same polarity. When the primary current flows from P1 to P2, the secondary current flows from S1 to S2. For this kind of side connection reverse, the different polarity makes the meter reverse the problem of measurement. If the polarity is incorrect, it will cause the reverse direction of one-phase metering. If the one-phase side is reversed, then the computer will be connected in reverse, that is, P2 and P1/S2 and S1. If the primary side is not changed, the secondary side can also be changed to achieve correct operation, but it is recommended to re-wiring, after all, this is a habit, and it is also convenient for later replacement.
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