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How to ensure your transformer business profits when copper prices are soaring

How to ensure your transformer business profits when copper prices are soaring


February 25th 2021, the copper price at LME reached 4.2USD/pound, which increased more than 40% in the last 5 months since October 2020.


It is a great panic for the manufacturers of transformers and chokes. On one hand, the customers requested a cost down, on the other hand, the raw material price of copper increases dramatically. It leads to a difficult situation of low margin or negative margin on transformer manufacturing.


If you can use less copper in your production, obtaining the same characteristics of your transformers and chokes, don’t you want to learn more about this to save your money ?

Nanocrystalline alloy is an advanced material with very high permeability at high frequencies, your components will have higher inductance, lower losses with less number of wire turns. It is an ideal material to replace ferrite core and silicon steel cores.

Perfomance of Nanocrystalline ribbon  
1K107B Nanocrsytalline thin strip

Thickness (mm)


Stack factor σ


Magnetic induction B800/T


Coercivity / Hc A/m


Core loss P0.5T/20K/(W/kg)


Core loss P0.3T/100K/(W/kg)


Permeability μ 1kHz


Permeability μ 10kHz


Permeability μ 100kHz


Curie temperature (℃)


Operating temperature (℃)


Magnetostriction / λs


Transmart Industrial Limited is a service and solution provider to EMC Common Mode Chokes,  Switch inverter transformers and Current Transformer. We offer less-copper design Nanocrystalline Core for Automotive, photovoltaic and industrial markets.

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