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Installation method of ferrite bead

Installation method of ferrite bead


With the development of society, electrical equipment such as inverter air conditioners, inverter speed regulation, UPS power supplies, intermediate frequency electric furnaces and other electronic products are increasing. The ferrite bead is also widely used in electrical wiring harnesses. When used as a common mode choke, it will not cause signal distortion, which requires higher requirements for wires that transmit high-frequency signals.

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1. Use a utility knife to hold the copper pieces on the connector head first. It is recommended to top them one by one. Be careful not to use too much force to prevent the copper pieces from breaking. Slowly pull out the connecting wire harness one by one.

2. Put the pre-prepared ferrite ring slowly into the wiring harness, being careful not to wear out the copper sheet by the rough ferrite ring.

3. Next, set the ferrite magnetic ring to a suitable position, and then wind the connecting wire harness around the ferrite magnetic ring, so as to achieve a better anti-interference effect.

4. Finally, insert the wire harnesses that were removed one by one into the connector heads, and the installation is completed.

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