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Iron silicon aluminum core winding method

by:Transmart     2020-09-29
To minimize stray capacitance on the inductance, widen the effective of inductance frequency range. Inductor stray capacitance on from two aspects, one is between the winding capacitance, another is the capacitance between the winding and core. Interturn capacitance and coil winding, the number of turns, winding capacitance between core and associated with magnetic core material. Reduce the inductance of the stray capacitance from two aspects. First of all, if the core is a conductor, should reduce the capacitance between the winding and core. Reduces the capacitance between the winding and core method is that between the winding and core with a layer of insulation materials, low dielectric constant to increase the distance between the winding and core. Solve the problem of the parasitic capacitance between windings and core, can through the following iron silicon aluminum copper winding method to reduce the turn-to-turn capacitive: 1. Try to single winding: the space allows, try to use a larger magnetic core, such can make coil for the single layer, effectively reduce the turn-to-turn capacitance. 2. Input and output from: no matter what form of inductors, coils of input and output should be far away from, or across the inductor will be short circuit between the input and output capacitance. 3. Multi-layer winding methods: coil number of turns is more, need multi-layer winding around to one direction, side around the side overlap, after don't around a layer, then wrap. 4. Sectional winding, winding coil in a magnetic core section, so that each segment of the capacitance is small, and the total stray capacitance is two paragraphs on the parasitic capacitance in series, the total capacity is smaller than parasitic capacity of each paragraph. 5. Multiple inductor together: a large inductance can be broken down into a larger inductance and a number of inductance of different small inductance, the inductance together, can make the inductance of the bandwidth expansion.
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