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Nanocrystalline cores for high frequency transformers

Nanocrystalline cores for high frequency transformers


Performance characteristics

Core material: iron-based nanocrystalline core

Saturation magnetic induction intensity: 1.25T

Permeability @ 10KHz:> 20000

Curie temperature (℃): 560

Lamination factor: 0.78

Saturation magnetostriction coefficient (*10^-6): <2

Resistivity (μΩ.cm): 90

Strip thickness: 25μm

Core shape: ring, rectangle, C type

nanocrystalline cores

High saturation magnetic induction-Compared with traditional ferrite cores, the transformer volume can be reduced

High permeability-improve efficiency, low excitation power, reduce copper loss

Low coercivity and low iron loss-low temperature rise of transformer, energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection

High Curie temperature-good temperature characteristics, working temperature -40 – 130℃

nanocrystalline core

Application field

>> Inverter welding machine

>> Electroplating power supply

>> Power amplifier

>> High-power laser power supply

>> Communication power supply, railway, high-speed rail power supply

>> High frequency induction heating power supply

>> High frequency and high voltage dust removal power supply

>> High-power high-frequency switching power supply

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