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Nanocrystalline Current Transformer Cores

Nanocrystalline Current Transformer Cores


Nanocrystalline core current transformer

The better the magnetic properties of the transformer core, the measurement error is smaller, the higher the accuracy. Require low ampere turns ratio small, cold rolled silicon steel reach the measurement accuracy, the permalloy core due to low saturation magnetic flux density and high cost because of the use of very constrained. Transformer core nanocrystalline alloy due to high permeability and high saturation magnetic induction and the like having excellent magnetic properties, widely used in precision current transformer, electrical equipment zero sequence current transformer, PFC, high frequency transformers, and the like.

Nanocrystalline Current Transformer Cores


High high saturation magnetic flux density and high magnetic permeability a transformer accuracy, precision, miniaturization, highly linear;

· A good temperature stability can work long hours at -55 ~ 120C.

Nanocrystalline Current Transformer Cores

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