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Iron-based Amorphous Filter Inductor Cores

Iron-based Amorphous Filter Inductor Cores


Fe-based amorphous core filter inductance

Fe-based amorphous filter inductor core having excellent frequency characteristics and the DC superposition characteristic and a low core loss, and its permeability can be controlled

Vary within a wide range (u a 120-1200), may be resistant to different ranges of ampere-turns of bias (bias magnetic field), it is suitable for various high-frequency, alternating and direct superimposition

Inductive application device, which is cost-effective than molybdenum and iron-nickel Sendust magnetic core.

Iron-based Amorphous Filter Inductor Cores


· Car Audio choke

· PFC correction inductor

· A differential mode filter and a smoothing filter output

· DC / DC converter filter coil

· Conventional filter coil and the filter coil adapter

 Iron-based Amorphous Filter Inductor Cores


High saturation magnetic induction, low coercivity, low loss;

Excellent anti-DC bias characteristic;

High permeability from 120 to 1200, number of turns less.

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