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Split nanocrystalline cores

Split nanocrystalline cores


Nanocrystalline cut cores are widely used in open-type current transformers, sensors, and power inductors and other fields, as compared to conventional silicon steel core, which after cutting permeability silicon steel is nearly 10 times, the loss of silicon 1/3, the price is 50% permalloy, silicon steel is the ideal material substitution and permalloy.


· Open-type current transformer


· Power inductors and transformers

 Split nanocrystalline cores


After the cut-permeability up to 6000 or more - to increase an accuracy class transformers conventional open type

· Cutting loss (16KHz / 37mT) 1/2 is amorphous, silicon steel 1/6 - reduce the heat and improve the service life of the finished inductor

* Excellent linearity - 20% better than the same specifications silicon steel Linearity

· Excellent Excellent value for money - the price of permalloy 1/2

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