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The one who loves you is that gives you a mask

The one who loves you is that gives you a mask


During the outbreak of the new coronavirus, one of the world's most shortage items was masks. Countries around the world are out of stock for a short time. Governments in some countries and cities directly regulate the production and sale of masks. In some cities, people queue for long time of 5-6 hours to buy masks, which are often not available.


For many people, masks are a luxury, a treasure.


Today, we received a package from South Korea, which was actually a whole box of masks delivered to us by our Korean customer.  Mr. Lee, our customer told me that there is also a shortage of masks in Korea, and that one can only buy three masks a day. As we can imagine, Mr. Lee must have spent a lot of time and efforts in order to buy masks for us. He also specially purchased some children's masks for our children! What a loving person!


Our business partnership with Mr. Lee begun in 2018. He was a trader of Electrical Silicon Steels. I recommended our company's more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials, Nanocrystalline Cores to him, to expand the high-end customers in Korea. We taught Mr. Lee the characteristics of nanocrystalline materials, helped his clients design Nano-crystalline core and Current Transformers. And we also visited Korean customers together. With our joint efforts, our products are becoming more and more popular in Korea. In 2019, our nanocrystalline core sales in the Korean market reached US$300,000.  In 2020, Mr. Lee and our company developed  new product amorphous metal core for distribution transformers for the Korean market, capacity from 10KVA to 100KVA. The project is expected to bring us more than a million dollars business in 2020..


Mr. Lee and I have become not only business partners but also good friends over the past two years. I believe our friendship and business will last a long time.

It is my honor to meet you, Mr. Lee.

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