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You protect the world, We Protect you

You protect the world, We Protect you


The New Coronavirus outbreak has caused great losses and damage to our life and economic. Everybody is fighting against the Coronavirus, one way or the other. Transmart Industrial has been fighting over the weekend, here is the story.



Our customer Angell Technology is a global professional digital imaging equipment supplier. They are supplying Dynamic DR systems to Hubei province to fight the new Coronavirus outbreak. But they are running out their power supply transformers for their medical equipmemt.


2020-2-21 08:37AM, we received a request from our customer, to design and manufacture 440VA and 1200VA toroidal transformers for applications in their medical equipment. But we must race against time because the equipment are urgently needed.

2020-2-21 14:00PM, we submit our designs to customer for approval. In order to be able to have our transformers ready, our engineer designs the transformers with materials ( toroidal core and wires) from our stock.

2020-2-21 16:10PM, our customer approved our designs. We arrange our production to work during the coming weekend.

2020-2-23 15:00PM, first batch of toroidal transformers ready to ship. We finished the transformer design and production in 55 hours!


We are happy that we have the opportunity to fight against Coronavirus outbreak with our toroidal transformers, which are the power supply transformers for medical equipment.

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