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Today we are going to share amorphous magnetic rings

Today we are going to share amorphous magnetic rings


Amorphous magnetic rings are magnetic components made of amorphous materials. According to the different materials of amorphous strip, it can be divided into iron-based amorphous, cobalt based amorphous and so on. According to the shape of the material, it can be divided into strip magnetic ring and powder magnetic ring. The saturated magnetic density of amorphous is much higher than that of ordinary ferrite and powder core, but the permeability will decrease rapidly with the increase of frequency. It is generally used in the frequency band of tens of K to hundreds of K.

Amorphous alloy, or metallic glass, is a new material developed in the 1970s. Liquid steel is formed into a thin strip with a thickness of 30 microns by quenching technology. The obtained solid alloy (strip) is different from the crystal structure with regular arrangement of atoms in cold-rolled silicon steel. It is this alloy whose atoms are in an irregular amorphous structure, It has narrow B-H circuit, high magnetic conductivity and low loss; At the same time, the irregular arrangement of atoms in amorphous alloys limits the free passage of electrons, resulting in a resistivity 2-3 times higher than that of crystalline alloys, which is also conducive to reducing eddy current loss. Compared with the traditional transformer with silicon steel sheet, the no-load loss of the transformer core made of amorphous alloy is reduced by about 75%, which makes the amorphous alloy transformer have a very significant effect of energy saving and environmental protection. When the amorphous alloy transformer core is used in oil immersed transformer, it can significantly reduce a variety of harmful gases. Therefore, more and more manufacturers use amorphous alloy as the raw material of transformer core.

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