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What are the materials of the transformer?

by:Transmart     2022-08-05

Transformer material In view of the transformer's regulatory role in the power system, technicians must select a suitable transformer to complete the installation operation, so that it can play a normal role. The winding material is the primary issue that needs to be paid attention to in the installation of the transformer, and devices of different materials play different roles. For the winding transformer, due to the special structure of the device, enameled wire, yarn-covered wire, silk-covered wire, paper-covered wire and other materials are selected for installation, which can exert good electrical and thermal conductivity, and excellent corrosion resistance also enhances the circuit. stability. Judging from the existing transformer products, the winding materials in transformer installation generally include: iron core material, insulating material, impregnating material, etc. The installer must select it according to the actual situation. (1) Core material. Transformers use the principle of electromagnetic induction to complete the regulation of current value and voltage value, and the iron core is the core component of the transformer, and its material condition determines the adjustment function of the transformer. The iron core material is best to add silicon to the iron sheet, so as to reduce the electrical and thermal conductivity of the low steel sheet and avoid the increase in energy consumption after the device is running. The electric power industry standard stipulates that the magnetic flux density of the silicon steel sheet should be controlled within the effective range, such as: the magnetic flux density of the black iron sheet is 7000, the low silicon sheet is 10000, etc. The installation site can be selected according to the actual situation. (2) Insulating material. In recent years, the accident rate of transformer installation and operation has been increasing continuously. Considering the safety issues during transformer installation, on-site personnel need to pay attention to the selection of insulating materials to protect the normal operation of other equipment in the system. At present, many transformers have been equipped with insulating components, such as: gaskets, insulating appliances, etc., but there are still safety risks due to improper human operation. Transformer installation needs to enhance its insulation performance from the isolation between coil frame layers and the isolation between windings. (3) Impregnating material. Impregnation treatment is the last process of processing the winding material. The main purpose is to improve the mechanical properties, electrical properties and insulation properties of the material and avoid various safety accidents in the later use. After selecting the winding material, the installer needs to paint the impregnated material and set an insulating layer on the surface of the material. The more commonly used paint is cresol varnish, which can play a better safety role after brushing and prolong the service life of transformer equipment.
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