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What I want to share today is nanocrystalline alloy 1K107 strip

by:Transmart     2022-12-31

Nanocrystalline alloy 1K107 strip

Saturation magnetic induction in amorphous alloys—reduced device volume and low coercive force—improved device efficiency and low iron loss—reduced device temperature rise Variable magnetic permeability—through different core heat treatment processes Satisfy different application requirements Good temperature stability - -55~130℃ work for a long time

Application fields:

Intermediate frequency power transformer core

Ring-shaped non-cut iron core for smoothing and filtering output inductors and differential mode input inductors of switching power supplies

Annular uncut cores for noise suppression in car audio, choke coils for car navigation systems

Annular cut iron cores for PFC power factor correction in air conditioners and plasma TVs High frequency rectangular cut iron cores for output inductors and transformers such as switching power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies

Toroidal unslotted cores for pulse transformers for IGBTs, MOSFETs and GTOs

Stator and rotor for variable speed motors and generators with high power density
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